As I Fall Apart


This essential interrogation examines the cultural narratives surrounding the contraceptive implant and its effects on the body.

Through an analysis of her own and others’ testimonies, as well the all too rare research on the implant itself, Oriana Rose illustrates how supposedly liberating technologies can be toxic for personal and environmental health, and how this is widely ignored or dismissed within patriarchal society so that the pharmaceutical industry can profit.

Rose asks us to unravel not only ourselves but also the relationship between health, sex, agency, desire, and capitalism.

British-Indian artist Natasha Natarajan contributes an honest and intimate four page comic that explores her own relationship with ‘fertility work’.

"Packing a necessary punch when discussing contraceptives, menstruation and gender, Rose and Natarajan’s stunning work problematises all three in the pursuit of liberation." - Lucy Writers

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This booklet is in the B7 format.

Oriana Rose is an Amsterdam-based artist, editor and bike courier. She has an MA in Arts and Cultural Anaysis.

Natasha Natarajan is a British-Indian creative. She runs arts business Chikaboo Designs and is the creator of FML Comics.