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FOCUS On Sound

  • FOCUS On Sound

FOCUS On Sound is an anthology of scholarly articles and artist responses to the subject of sound.

This one-shot issue features work by independent artists and articles by researchers associated with the University of Amsterdam, Columbia University, New York, Utrecht University, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and Goldsmiths, London.

Each contributor has a double page, A3 spread (circa 1,900 words, or a two page arrangement of their design) across which they present their focused take on the central theme of sound. The magazine features articles on topics as diverse as: the relationship between sound and modernisation in China; decolonial listening practices; aurality and orality in Latin America; the use of voice recognition technology on the German border; and much more.

The magazine has been printed via riso by Jumbo Press. The cover is full colour, and the contents is two-colour black and aqua blue. The cover art and additional internal illustrations are by Sander Ettema.

Through, FOCUS On Sound, Bulgarian music collective AMEK are releasing a mixtape of previously unreleased music. You will discover a link to the twelve tracks from AMEK associated artists in the text. AMEK loves cassettes, which is why the spread encourages you to photocopy their pages, cut out the cassette case template, make your own art, and then dub the tracks directly onto cassette in order to save this exclusive release for posterity. (Please note that you will have to purchase your own cassette for this task.)

Limited, hand made print run. Comes with a thank you card featuring a two-colour synthesizer diagram by David Gauthier.

Contributors: Ieva Gudaitytė, Andrea Ganuza, Peter Vianen, Luca Penning, Robert Baciu, Seb Harris, Daniel Leix Palumbo, David Gauthier, Rick van der Waarden, Amek Collective, Paul Ashley Brown, Emily Hansell Clark, Harry Stott, Isadora Ponce Berrú, Cherphile Ciao, Antoinette Nausikaä, Suzy Asa, and Sander Ettema.